INFP Careers to Avoid


Retail Sales Workers

Retail sales workers, who usually need on-the-job training, might assistance business locate items, take payments for purchases, and arrange products in a store. INFP personalities might find that this form of work offers singular opportunities to use their creativity and that it lacks a definition they enterprise from their work. Retail sales workers typically have a flattering unchanging work slight as well, and a miss of accumulation might not interest to INFP celebrity types.


School principals have a lot of people and resources that they oversee. They routinely need a master‘s grade and license, and they use their skills to make decisions about things like propagandize schedules and budgets. Those with an INFP celebrity might find it strenuous to understanding with so many people on a unchanging basis; INFPs are introverts and tend to cite operative with people one-on-one or in tiny groups, and addressing an whole propagandize race or groups of relatives might not interest to them. Principals also have to make a lot of required decisions, that is not one of a INFP strengths.

Sales Managers

Sales managers need before work experience, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s grade to pierce into management. They can be concerned in training sales staff, addressing patron complaints, and entrance adult with marketing plans. They correlate frequently with business and with a sales staff they oversee. This can be fatiguing for INFP personalities given they are not naturally extroverted. They might find a interactions strenuous and consider this career doesn’t yield adequate opportunities to assistance people.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers, who can enter their career margin with a bachelor’s degree, might use their skills to urge communities by formulation and constructing infrastructure. INFPs might find that this career requires them to make a lot of required decisions about building skeleton while evaluating things like regulations and budgets. This form of methodical meditative does not typically interest to INFP personalities. Civil engineers might also need to manage staff who perform tests as partial of a plan development, and that might be stressful for INFPs.

Construction Managers

Construction managers need knowledge in construction and presumably a bachelor’s degree, and they manage a lot of staff as partial of their duties. They also coordinate with others in a field, like electricians or plumbers, and residence issues with their work. Construction managers make decisions about who to sinecure or when to report specific tasks. INFPs are not ideally matched to this form of care purpose since they are introverts and cite operative alone or with tiny groups of people. They are also some-more matched to artistic meditative than this form of decision-making.

Preschool and Childcare Center Directors

Preschool and childcare core directors contingency have an associate’s or bachelor’s grade and before work knowledge in this field. They work with a lot of people, including staff, parents, and children, that INFP celebrity forms might find stressful. Directors might also be obliged for creation decisions concerning policies or staff control and contingency be means to be design and analytical. These directors can’t indispensably concentration on assisting people a approach that INFPs prefer.


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